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Planning and preparing for travel can be daunting.

Here I share some tips that I have found work really well for experiences locally, nationally, and internationally. 

You will also find some tips on how to utilize empathy, listening, and kindness to plus up your travel and memories made.

One thing that has always shown great success is learning your host's or server's name. People love the sound of their own name and just using it once can show you recognize their existence as a human and not a servant. Be genuine when addressing them by name as forcing their name into conversation will come off as unnatural and gimmicky. This can help build natural rapport and even lead to them going the extra mile for you.

Learn Your Host's Name


Be Open to Suggestions

When a host offers up their recommendation on a place to visit, a snack to try, or a drink to sip on; be open to their opinion. Even if it is something you may already think you wouldn't like. Their recommendation may still surprise you. Also, when someone shares insights into their likes and you take it into consideration they will feel validated and heard. This will help make more meaningful connections that could lead to more sincere suggestions.


Be Uniquely You

Being the true you, even if that means being silly or quirky, will often times open up conversations with those you encounter. Put yourself out there and don't be afraid to show who you really are to people. Being status quo won't separate you from other travelers but having your own style or talking about things you love will make you memorable. When you can find a common thread between you and others it could lead to more personal recommendations.

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Travel with Friends

Find yourself a good group of people and travel with them! My wife and I have taken many trips and vacations with friends and loved each and every trip. It works best if everyone is comfortable doing their own thing on occasion. Not everyone has the same tastes or energy level but being able to always have a crew to lounge with and share time together in new places can create some of the best memories.

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